You - Ronda Birtha Photography | Life (with) Style

And while the street races my heart, and the rural landscapes soothe my eyes, I always come back to

the story of YOU

Plain old, beautiful YOU.



Sometimes the CONVERSATIONAL PORTRAIT is less about what you verbally say, and more about how you silently say it. Sometimes, it's just about PERSONALITY. Yours.


The CONVERSATIONAL PORTRAIT SESSION allows you (and your spouse, your friend, a family member) to talk about the crazy things you remember about each other, the habits that drive you crazy, the idiosyncrasies you grudgingly adore. Your candid expressions, reactions, your animated retelling of "remember when" may leave others questioning, ‘what were you talking about?’ ‘what was going on?’ But that will be for you to cherish, and your option if you want to share what inspired those beautiful, funny, quizzical, faces.

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