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I simply love the sound of the shutter. But street photography inflames my photographic passions. The people on the street, the things on the street ... sounds, smells and colors ... all of it sets my mind on fire.

The galleries below show off and I hope convey how those electrons fire rapidly in my brain, and calm down enough to produce images. I hope that same fire is seen there. Or, if not fire, inquisitiveness, daring, compassion, humor, disgust. 

Each gallery represents a shoot - any given place, any given time, any given assignment. Each gallery has an accompanying post that you can find at There will be a direct link from each gallery to its own post.

All images on this site are copyrighted to Ronda L. Birtha unless otherwise noted.

If you are a media buyer/producer, and are interested in the licensing any of the images that are on this site, please follow, both the law and the guidelines for purchasing such. If you simply want an image on your wall in your home or office, likewise, please follow the instructions for purchasing.

I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I've enjoyed making them.


URBAN X | The Galleries

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